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1625 East Shaw
Suite 130
Fresno, CA 93710


Don Milligan, EA | Tax Accountant & Justin Poore, MBA, IAR | Financial Planner

(559) 227-1530



I was enrolled to practice in all levels of the IRS Appeals System since July 1991. I have more than 25 years of experience in tax preparation and financial services.

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Justin Poore

Financial Planner



Justin Poore has joined our team, effective October 2016, to provide Financial Planning for our clients.

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Shabreena Khan

Payroll Supervisor

(559) 227-1530

Shabreena joined our team in 2004, and has been an important part of our general support staff. In 2009 she assumed the primary responsibility for supervising Payroll Processing.

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Dave Triffo

IT Specialist - Outside Consultant



Office Mascot

(559) 227-1530

Missy is our office mascot. She always greets Don's clients with a welcoming yip followed by a good hand licking.

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